FALL 2019

Over the course of October, November, and December 2019, I will be performing acoustic live shows all across the US West Coast.

The tour will include the following cities:

  • San Diego (CA)

  • Long Beach (CA)

  • Los Angeles (CA) —> 2 shows

  • Santa Barbara (CA)

  • San Jose (CA)

  • San Francisco (CA) —> 2 shows

  • Portland (OR) —> 2 shows

  • Seattle (WA) —> 2 shows


Sofar Sounds reimagines the live event experience through curated, secret performances in more than 400 cities around the world. Sofar brings guests and artists together in unique locations, without the distractions that plague other live events. Through the transformation of everyday spaces into captivating venues, Sofar serves as a platform for artists to connect with engaged audiences in cities around the world.

Read more about SoFar here.


During every performance, I give away cards with a QR code. When members of the audience scan the QR code, it takes them to a site hosted on my website that I can fully edit and craft specifically for every city. During previous shows, people were able to get free downloads of my original songs I played that night, as well as get an exclusive discount for my merchandise. The QR site also includes links to all of my social media and videos, all of which resulted in increased engagement on my online content, as well as merchandise sales and new followers on Instagram, Spotify, etc.


  • Each SoFar show is attended by 100 - 300 people.

  • The audience engagement is extremely high because all of the attendees are music lovers who focus intently on the performers.

  • The intimacy of the show allows me to create a personal relationship with audience members, making them feel more connected with my music and more likely to further engage and act on it.

  • SoFar is highly selective of the artists they host at their shows, many of whom have gone on to become some of the biggest stars in music.

    Previous performers include: Ed Sheeran, Billie Eilish, James Bay, Hozier.

  • Because SoFar is considered a very trendy organization, it is attended by consumers who are looking for and are willing to try new experiences. They are interested in discovering new, not yet “mainstream” brands that they can support before the general public does.


  • SoFar shows bring in an engage music-lover audience, but their reach extends far out from there.

  • During every show, the local SoFar team posts videos of the night’s performances on their Instagram, tagging the artists. This creates more opportunities for users online to connect with my brand.

  • The new audience (followers) that is attained through each show remains active on my socials and continue to follow my journey. This makes them a likely consumer of further collaborations and promotions I do as my brand grows.


  • 17 shows for around 200 people each: 3,400 highly engaged listeners

  • After each show, about 70% of the audience members scan the QR code and actively engage on the site.

PERFORMANCE VIDEOS (from SoFar San Francisco):

Unreleased original song "House Party" performed live at SoFar San Francisco in August 2019.

Cover of "Love Yourself" performed at SoFar San Francisco in August 2019.