dear diary

I’m feeling lost again

thinking of way back when

every night I’d sit down to write


dear diary

no longer an ink affair

my fingers now glide through air

your pages compressed to a phone by my chest


type, delete

I just repeat

waiting for answers to light up my screen

type, delete

I just repeat

type, delete


paper to data and data to glory

up in the cloud they are saving my story

paper to data and data to glory

adding the lines to my digital diary


dear diary

my nights used to be for you

secrets only we knew

then years came in grand

put a phone in my hand


I feel so weary but mirrors say “you’re a child”

so many hurricanes swirling inside my mind

I need some help so I’m reaching out through my phone

only to realize we’re all lost and alone


so many bytes with my life I could fill

if I don’t live forever at least my words will